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Developing the Young Workforce – Keyworkers Week

DYWDG is delighted to be taking part in a brand new national DYW Scotland awareness campaign which celebrates and showcases roles within our key sectors to help make young
people more aware of the types of jobs involved and what skills/qualities would be required.

DYWDG are asking Dumfries and Galloway Primary Schools to get involved by asking their pupils to design what they think a keyworker looks like in D&G. Attached are a couple of templates you may wish to use. Alternatively, some pupils may want to write a poem. Up to them!

Designs should be uploaded w/c June 1st and DYW tagged on social media (Facebook: DYW
Dumfries and Galloway Twitter:dyw_dg) and #DYWKeyworkers used or you can send them to the Primary School office email address.

Sumdog Dumfries and Galloway Mathematics Contest – Friday 15th May

All pupils from Primary 1 through to Primary 7 have been entered into the Sumdog Dumfries and Galloway Mathematics Contest which is taking place on Friday 15th May and ends on the evening of Thursday 21st May. Your child only needs to play on Sumdog for an hour over the whole week for their score to contribute towards our overall placing within the region. There is no obligation to play along. We thought it would be a fun learning opportunity to take part in over the week.

Have a play on Sumdog for practise and to go through the initial diagnostic test phase.

The diagnostic test phase lasts for a few games. A mix of questions is asked to find your starting level. In this phase, some questions may be harder. When the test is out of the way you are ready to have some fun!

It’s really simple to take part in the contest. All you have to do is play on Sumdog at any time during the contest week (15th May – 22nd May). All your hard work will contribute to your score. At the end of the contest we will be placed on a leader board against other schools taking part within the region.

Sing Up At Home

When we are at school we love using Sing Up to encourage everyone to join in, be heard, have fun and sing! Sing Up have produced a great resource called ‘Sing Up at Home’ to help you have fun singing at home.

There are lots of fantastic resources and songs to choose from and explore.

Every week there is a different ‘Song of the week’ and a video teaching you how to sing it.

27th April 2020 Song of the week – Wiggle Jiggle

20th April 2020 Song of the Week – One Moment, One People

For some seriously silly fun then try some of the songs on this link!

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

The homeschooling lessons on the BBC have been created with teachers and other educational experts and feature a mix of videos, animations, practice activities, quizzes and games.

American Pancakes!

Ms McDonald shared this photo of these delicious pancakes that she made at home with her boys – she said they did not last very long! Why not have a go at making them yourself by following the recipe below. We would love to see a photo of your pancakes – if they last long enough!

Pancake Recipe

Creative Writing Competition

Mrs Johnston found out about a great writing competition being run by the Wigtown Book Festival in partnership with DG Unlimited and Peter Pan Moat Brae National Centre for Children’s Literature. The closing date is Sunday 26th April 2020. For full details please click on the link below.

Woodland Trust

Have a look at this super list of 10 fun nature activities to do at home. Click here.

Recycled Planters

Mrs McDiarmid’s little boy Harry loves planting and growing vegetables almost as much as he loves eating them! Here are some ideas of things you could use to grow your own at home. Using things you already have saves money and the environment. You could collect cardboard tubes, the plastic trays which fruit and vegetables often come in or even milk cartons.

Cardboard tubes can be snipped around one end then the flaps folded in to form a base. The benefit of these is that they can be planted directly into the soil once the seedling is through as the roots will grow through the card and the tube will decompose.

Plastic trays are perfect for growing seeds in a greenhouse or on a windowsill. The trays usually have small holes in the base which aids drainage too.

Milk cartons can be cut around the top and the handle can be used to hang the planter, or just placed on a windowsill.

Happy growing everyone!

Make a perfect pizza!

Have a look at this easy pizza recipe from Mrs Harkness. It looks super tasty! The same dough can be used for pizza base, dough balls or even naan breads – have fun experimenting.

Pizza Recipe

Chester Zoo Live!

Chester Zoo are hosting a virtual day at the zoo on Friday 27th March. Follow the link below to see lots of different animals including their red pandas, Rothschild’s giraffes, Asian elephants, butterflies, sun bears, Sumatran tigers, Humboldt penguins and the aquarium. Thank you to Miss Graham for finding and sharing this.

Chester Zoo Live

Super Science

The Glasgow Science Centre are sharing interesting ideas for you to explore every school day at 10am.

Glasgow Science Centre at home

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