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29 June 2020

Hello P7!

Well, it is the final week of term and the final week of your time at Primary.  We have all made it.  I hope you enjoyed the transition events at the school last week if you were able to go.  It is such a fantastic time in your life.  The move to Secondary is a real chance for you to shine and plan for your future.

As I was writing this, I thought about when I started Secondary School many moons ago now but, I probably had the same butterfly feeling in my tummy as some of you might have now.  Remember though never be afraid to ask for help, make the first effort to make new friends (I found out the girl sitting next to me on my first day at secondary shared the same birthday as me and we became life-long friends despite coming from two different primary schools).  Make the most of all the new opportunities you will have and enjoy it! Making new friends and learning new things is exciting.   

I found this link to transition information from the BBC Bitesize which might be worth a look in the coming weeks ahead.

Here is a little poem I found that I think is rather appropriate and I wanted to share with you.

Leaving Poem  
Primary school is over now Secondary is coming fast,
We have to tell you now; we don’t know if you will ever be surpassed.
The teachers have all watched you grow and turn into the person that you are,
To read, write and do maths with ease, you simply are a star.
We want you to remember, a message from us all,
Live your life and chase those dreams, whether big or small.
You are unique and wonderful and sadly, will be missed
So, grab life and forever hold it tightly in your fist.
Goodbye from Primary and thank you it has been so much fun,
Remember you are special and you’re simply our number one!!  

Finally, one of my hero’s is Michael Jordan.  He has been quoted as saying “I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.”  Given that he won 6 NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls he certainly knows a thing or two about hard work and achieving success.

So P7 go forward, work hard, be creative and be kind.  Enjoy Secondary school and say hello if you see me in school.

Ms McDonald

Ps. Couldn’t let you leave without Lottie saying goodbye!

Lottie’s Lot – Week 12

Dear Diary,                                                                                                  

This is the last entry I will write for some time.  I can feel a renewed spring in my step as I have had old friends come to visit.  I have really enjoyed sharing my adventures over the past few months and hope it has brought some fun and laughter to you. 

Ps.  I have been contacted by a company called HarperCollins who have asked me to consider writing my memoirs.  Well, I mean I can imagine millions more people who would be interested in a global superstar like me.  However, I am taking the summer to spend with my family, and I shall think about it carefully, they need to make me the right offer after all! 

Finally, my dearest diary and P7, I bid you farewell for now and as my favourite bear Winnie the Pooh would say, how lucky am I to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

Signing off Love Lottie.

22 June 2020

Hello P7!

I hope you are still well. 

Firstly, thank you for the outstanding work this week on the Superhero tasks with P1.  It has simply been amazing.  So, on behalf of myself and Miss Purves thank you so much.

This week’s topic is related to Wonderful Wizards.  I have reduced the number of tasks this week as I know that the Academy may have tasks for you to do and some of you are going in for transitions this week.  I hope you all have a wonderful time, enjoy catching up with old and making new friends. 

The weekly rainbow timetables list has moved onto the colour Indigo.

Lottie’s Lot – Week 11

Dear Diary,                                                                                               

I have ordered this costume from Amazon after an exciting week. (picture of superhero dog).  I think it will complement my figure as well as being practical in hero situations.  (Move over Thor, I am Superdog!!)

To bring you up to date, I received a call on my dog bone from the manager of my local Tesco store.  Apparently, this evil pea decided to cause havoc in the store and then disappeared in the middle of the night from the deep freeze.  I told him no problem Superdog could fix it well they could throw in a few dog treats so I couldn’t refuse.

I then spent the whole of last week chasing after the Evil Pea.  I couldn’t believe it, every time I caught up with him, he escaped my clutches.  This was not on.

I traced him to our barbecue the other afternoon and I spotted him out the corner of my eye but as I turned for literally one second (well it may have been a bit more) to look at the juicy sausages sizzling on the grill (mm mm sausages) he vanished! 

The Scottie dog along the road said I would never catch him, again as I’ve said before, what does he know.  I decided to recruit my friend Superpup to the team to catch the pea.  Superpup is a young dachshund who I’ve met on recent walks.  Much to learn but hey I’m a great teacher.  We spent time hatching a cunning plan.  We loured him by leaving a truck full of super sweet tomato ketchup outside Tesco and when he appeared, we jumped out with a freeze gun and froze him solid!  He was quickly returned to the freezer!

Another successful day at the office for Superdog and I guess Superpup who helped a bit.

Signed Superdog!  ( Lottie)

15th June 2020

Picture courtesy of New Road Nursery

Calling all superheroes!

Join Supertato and The Food Avengers. Save Tescos from the Evil Pea. This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Supertato has heard that P1 and P7 are the dream team buddies. He needs you! This week, you have a series of challenges to solve. If you succeed, the Evil Pea will be defeated, Tesco’s will be restored, and the world’s supply of ketchup will be saved.

Each day try to complete one of the challenges on the superhero grid. Any photos that you send to your class teacher on Dojo which do not have your face in, we will share with your buddy if you so wish. Each day, we will give you an update on how the situation with Supertato and The Food Avengers is progressing.

Good luck my fellow superheroes!

8th June 2020

Hello P7!

What a fantastic week of weather.

I had such a lovely weekend.  I got to sit in my garden with my mum for the first time in ten weeks and it was so lovely.  I hope you managed to get to meet up with friends or family over the weekend.  Did anyone see the NASA spacerocket launch into space?  My boys and I sat and watched it live and the shots of the earth disappearing in the window view was truly spectacular.  I loved watching it.

The weekly rainbow timetables list has moved onto the colour blue.

 This week I was asked to look at the topic of the environment (thank you Logan for your idea).  I wanted to focus in on a female explorer who travelled the world to investigate and paint plants.  I have included a picture below of a plant I came across whilst researching this topic. Your task is to see if you can find out what type of plant this is.


I was so amazed at how different and beautiful this plant looked when I saw it.  The natural world is truly amazing.  My garden is slowly coming to life and many of my plants are beginning to bud.  Thank you to Luke and his mum for giving me some gardening advice last week. I have ordered a few plants for my garden in order to attract more bees and butterflies and hopefully as they will be put in pots, they will be safe from a certain little dog who zooms around my garden.

I have also found this wonderful little video clip on the BBC Bitesize site:

It is a compilation of plants from the UK and around the world.  I hope it shows you the beauty and variety of the wonderful planet we live on and maybe inspire you to draw or paint a picture.

I hope you enjoy this week’s literacy focus and if you have an idea of a topic you would like to cover then let me know as soon as you can and then I can start planning something.

Ms McDonald

Lottie’s Lot – Week 10

Dear Diary,

Week 10. 

What happened?  I mean I fell asleep for two minutes at the weekend and they left without me.  I was just waiting on my stylist doing my hair and the rocket blasted off without me.  I am not happy!! I am writing to NASA later to tell them.  It was my destiny to go into space. 

I have to say I haven’t written in a while because it has been so hot, and I have been either staying inside or sitting in the shade in the garden.  My humans have been rushing back and forward bringing me drinks of water and I have found I love the garden hose.  As soon as it was switched on, I zoomed around the garden dashing through all the plants!    I wasn’t very popular that day.  No, I don’t understand why, I really don’t.

Whilst I am waiting on NASA getting back to me, I have decided to take up cooking.  I mean someone with the skills I have should be able to make a huge success of that and I can so imagine a new show entitled Lottie’s Saturday Kennel Live featuring stunning pictures of me and my culinary masterpieces, move over Gordon Ramsay!

Do they do a MasterChef for dogs?  I must investigate, how do I search the Internet on the Xbox they have left on when they went outside in the garden…. I wonder….



1st June 2020

Hello P7,

What an exciting week ahead.  From the 1st to 5th of June you can take part in the Wallace Hall Cluster Health Week and Sports Day.  This is being run in association with D&G Active Schools and Active Communities.  Not only are our cluster schools getting involved but indeed schools across the entire region. 

Mr Law has been working very hard to produce a health grid which contains lots of family activities that are health and wellbeing themed.  Details of all the activities you can choose from and further information about the sports day are available on Mr Law’s grid. 

You can share your photos through Class Dojo to myself and Mrs Johnston or you can share them with the school office if you would like to be part of a school ‘montage’ that Mr Law is going to produce and that will be uploaded to the school Facebook page.  You can also send photos to Active Schools if you wish to be part of a region-wide celebration of sport/health.  

We have included a link to a short clip from BBC Bitesize related to muscles and how they work to enable us to move.  Think of all those muscles you will be using during health week!

Muscles needed for movement.

We really hope you enjoy the health week and sports day and that you and your families take lots of pictures and share them either with us on Dojo or via the school office.

Take care, enjoy the exercise and keep moving!!

Ms McDonald and Mrs Johnston

PS Lottie will be back next week with another exciting adventure, perhaps sports related you never know.

20th May 2020

Hello P7!

Hope you are still well. 

I have been continuing with learning to draw and took part in another online drawing session related to NASA’s ARTEMIS space mission.  It is such a brilliant thing to know that in 4 years’ time the first woman will land on the moon!!  This time we were all asked to draw the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and I found out some very interesting things about it such as, the temperature from the thruster nozzles is around 3000 degrees when the rocket takes off.  Also, when they test the rocket in the Mountains of Utah in America the heat from the rocket melts the sand around it and it cools so quickly it turns into glass (rocket glass).  I don’t know about you but I think that sounds so amazing.  I have continued on with the space and exploration themes this week in our literacy grid, so I hope you enjoy it.

If you have a topic you would like me to look at then please let me know and I will try and include a task related to this.

The weekly rainbow timetables list has moved onto the colour green. 

Can I also thank those who have sent me in activities related to leading learning across the school.  I really appreciate it and Mrs Young has been impressed with your thoughtful and creative ideas.  We will still be working on this for as long as we are doing the home learning grids so please don’t feel it’s too late to send an idea in.

This week is also Mental Health Awareness Week.  The theme is kindness.  I know lots of you have been doing acts of kindness throughout our home learning time and this is so fantastic and great to hear.  Sometimes sharing a smile and a thank you is a really great way of sharing kindness with others.  What could your acts of kindness be this week?  I think Mrs Johnston is also including some kindness related activities in the Other Curricular Areas grid and that might give you extra inspiration.

Hope to hear about your kind acts this week.

Ms McDonald

Lottie’s Lot – Week 8

Dear Diary,

Week 8. 

Things are progressing with my adventures into space.  It’s really rocketing along, get it, rocketing!!  My agent has been in touch with NASA and we are working out a clothing range that would suit me and be practical in space.  Whilst they are sorting out colours and fabric, I have started to make a list of things that are absolute necessities for my journey. 

So far I have:

  1. Sunglasses – Luxury Dog Goggles normally used by dogs whilst out skiing to protect their eyes from the glare. £25
  2. Arthur dog bed in luxurious royal blue fabric £500
  3. Travel blanket – light blue £150
  4. Cashmere pullover x 3 @ £125 each
  5. Jimichew swag pendant in gold with special engraving – £1730
  6. Silver plated dog bowls x 2 @ 150 each
  7. Louis Vuiton Dog Collar £220
  8. Diamante studded leather jacket (designer) £2000
  9. Dog food – luxury items of course.  I am thinking around 400kg (just in case) @ £50 per 40g
  10. Les Pooch dog grooming brushes £300

It’s a start, I mean obviously I will need much more to keep myself pristine for the millions of people who will be viewing me.

Anyways, I really need a nap, I have quite exhausted myself with thoughts of travel and luxurious essential items.

Signed with sleepiness


18th May 2020

Hello P7!

Hope you are still well.  Well a little update.  The grass seed in my garden has finally started growing.  It must have been that lovely warm weather we had the other week.  My sons and I have managed to find flour in the supermarket, and we are continuing to try and improve our home baking skills.  Miss Purves gave us her special chocolate chip cookie recipe and they were delicious!  My youngest son was very quick to have one as soon as it came out the oven as you can see from the picture.

I took part in a draw session with a NASA space artist and have set our literacy themes around the topic of space and exploration this week.  I hope you enjoy it.  I’ve even included what I’ve drawn in the grid.  Lottie may also have some space related news for you!

A mega high five to those of you who have been sending in pictures of what you have been up to at home.  Be this school related work or just pictures of your pets it is lovely to hear from you. 

The weekly rainbow timetables list has moved onto the colour yellow. 

In Primary 7, being a leader of learning is an important skill you develop and one I know many of you have enjoyed.  In order to keep this going I would really like if you would put your thinking caps on and come up with an activity which we could set others in the school.  We are going to trial it with Primary 2 first.  Once I get an idea of some of your ideas, then I can discuss with Mrs Young and let you know how we intend to get it working.  As for the activity, firstly, think about an activity which children in Primary 2 could try at home. It could be related to literacy, maths, science, art, life skills, drama etc. anything which you feel would be inspiring, would be easily accessible and would get pupils involved.  Perhaps think of your Golden Time leaders’ clubs and what children enjoyed at these.  One thing that I know that is coming up is National Smile month, it starts on 18 May to 18 June this year.  Maybe it could be something related to this.  Again, I will set up an area on our portfolios in dojo or you can message me through Dojo for you to submit your ideas. 

As always take care, be kind, be happy and make someone smile!

Ms McDonald

Lottie’s Lot – Week 7

Dear Diary,

Is it week 7 already?  It feels like only yesterday since I started my diary.  I wanted to share a little bit of what an international star’s day looks like.  Obviously, it would normally contain trips to national and international places but for the moment it’s a little different.  I have also included some of my favourite things in this snapshot so you can get to know me a little better.

08:00 am — Dog food! My favourite thing!  I like it moistened down and with a little fresh organic chicken added.

08:30 am — A walk around the block! My favourite thing! I have to keep my public happy.

10:30 am — Get brushed and clapped! My favourite thing! Especially when I shake all the hair everywhere afterwards.

12:00 pm — Bones to eat! My favourite thing is hiding them in the garden.

12:30 pm — Played in the garden! My favourite thing!  I do like a spot of football.

1:00pm – Answered fan mail.  Honestly, I may have to employ a secretary now.

03:00 pm — Wagged my tail and convinced the children I needed a dog treat.  They are so easily fooled.  My favourite thing!

05:00 pm — Dinner! My favourite thing!

06:00pm Got a phone call from NASA!! They want to include me in their space programme!! It is truly about time I was more than just a global star; I could be an interplanetary star!

07:00 pm — Tided up my doggy dressing table.  Not my favourite thing!

08:00 pm — Watched TV with my owners! Managed to squeeze onto the couch and somehow push them off. My favourite thing!

11:00 pm — Got moved from the couch to my bed to sleep! Not my favourite thing!

I am toying with the idea of having my own Instagram and YouTube channel.  The Scotty dog at number 53 has offered to be my communications director, eh not likely…. If I can’t understand what he is saying, then what chance would anyone else have?  If you could think of any Instagram name for me or a YouTube handle, please send them in.

Must dash, have to start planning how my space (get it, SPACE!) would look when filming begins.  The plans I have dear diary the plans.  Now, if I could just get that password for Amazon I could begin to start purchasing necessities like a fast drying bathrobe, a Lemon and Grey Harris Tweed dog collar (I’ve been checking, Tweed is back!), a lambswool dog jumper in my favourite colour blush pink and the most adorable onesie in a strawberry print fabric.  FABULOUS DARLING…FABULOUS

Signed with fashionable astronautic flourish


11th May 2020

Hello P7!

Hope you are still well.  Well as I sit typing, my grass seed still has not grown.  That’s about 10 days so far (I’m not a patient gardener I have to say), I am hopeful though that in the next few days I might see some shoots of green. 

Thank you once more to those of you who are sharing their learning through ClassDojo.  I have had some fantastic drawings and some really inspirational stories about magical doors. I have also seen pictures of people helping out at home.  This is such a valuable thing to do.  I know when my boys have been helping out a bit at home it makes all the difference. 

I am also going to put a link up to a Times tables rainbow challenge for you to download.  You could try one of the 5 lists of Times tables questions that are on the document and do one each day.  These will get progressively harder each week.  This week is the orange sheet. 

My son has made some oat biscuits this week.  This is part of his Home Economics home learning from 1st year at the school he attends.  I thought you might like to try it.  They were delicious and did not last long in our house.  Here is the link to the recipe and a photo of my son’s finished product.

Once again take care, be kind and be happy.

Ms McDonald

Lottie’s Lot  – Week 6

Dear Diary, 

Well, I knew it.  They should have let me dig the garden and do the grass seed myself.  Honestly these humans they just can’t get anything right.  I heard them talking about how moi could maybe have damaged it! Really, I only went under the netting to have a look around and see what the standard of their work was.  2 stars and a wish owner, 2 stars and a wish! And to be honest I was struggling to give it two stars!

I have decided to take up teaching during this global pandemic.  I took a course online with the Kennel Club and am now a fully qualified Dog Instructor.  I feel I have much to offer and can definitely provide feedback to others (although the Scottie dog at number 53 has told me I often give feedback that he doesn’t particularly want but whatever, what does he know).  Anyway, I have developed a literacy task for you all related to, well, what else pets and animals.  I look forward to seeing what you can do. 

Oh, I nearly forgot.  I have had some fan mail!! A young cocker spaniel dog has been avidly reading my diary each week.  It is something I have been expecting for weeks to be fair, but I do know that contacting a superstar can feel daunting which is why maybe it has taken you so long.  I promise I am not the Diva that the newspapers paint me out to be.  I mean on my last tour (to the vets and back), I was in no way responsible for chewing all the newspapers that were in the boot of the car.  Fake news again I tell you fake news.

Well, I must start my planning and prepare for your work coming in.


4th May 2020

Hello P7!

Hope you are still well.  Last Saturday was such a beautiful day and I spent it doing a bit of gardening.  I am trying to reseed a part of grass in the garden but with having a dog in the house it is proving trickier than I thought.  Having to make do with old bits of netting has been interesting.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to keep Lottie off the area that has grass seed on it, let me know!  I think at this rate I am liable to have grass seed anywhere but where I need it to be.

It has been lovely to hear from those of you who messaged through Dojo.

Hopefully if you are using the PARTY grid you are getting to grips with it now and finding it useful.  Please remember if it’s not helping you in your specific circumstances it is only a guide.

There is a document below if you are looking for different ways to practise times tables at home.  I shall also upload it to ClassDojo on Monday.  The challenge is to see how many calculations you can answer in 5 minutes.  Maybe you could do a grid each day to spread them out and keep those skills going.  They get harder as you go through the challenges.

Take care, be kind and be happy.

Ms McDonald

 P.S.  Here is the next thrilling instalment of …

Lottie’s Lot  – Week 5

Dear Diary, 

Well, my owners have gone mad, mad I tell you. 

At the weekend they got a spade from the garden shed and started lifting large rectangular shaped stones from the garden.  Then, they just moved them to somewhere else in the garden.  What are they up to?  I’ve no idea.  Personally, I just sat and watched from my elevated position on the patio and well, smirked really.  Honestly, I don’t know the meaning of DIY, I only know TDIFM (They Do It For Me).  A dog of my stature never breaks a sweat working.  Perhaps they are thinking of entering the garden into the Virtual Chelsea Flower Show I heard about on TV the other night.  They would need to replace all those flower heads I pulled off the other day (I mean used to create a collage from), oh and the bit of grass I dug up when chasing after my ball.  The thing is I heard them saying they needed to keep busy, so being the perfect pet that I am I obliged and gave them some tasks.

The Scottie Dog at number 53 thinks he is now David Attenbourgh.  He has seen him on BBC Bitesize and thinks he knows all about geography and climate change.  I tell you; I don’t know where he gets his ideas from.  Last time I saw him at the park, he couldn’t find the ball his owner had thrown him, I mean really!!

Well I’ve heard a digging noise coming from the garden, better not be another dog, I’ve got bones hidden out there.

Must dash (and I can do that so well)


From Mrs Johnston

Hello Primary 7!

Well haven’t the last few weeks been different? I hope you and your families are all well, and though daily life has changed, we have at least had some wonderful sunshine to enjoy walking or the garden. I’m not known for my ‘green fingers’ but starting to tell the difference between a flower and a weed!

I have been very busy catching up on lots of jobs round the house and garden and trying to keep up with the remote learning we are now facing. How do you feel about it? Have you been using the High 5 ‘PARTY’, making your own timetable to stick to or are you finding different ways of keeping up with your studies? It’s not been easy has it? It all takes a bit of adjusting to but I think the main message is to stay safe at home and help one another in whatever way you can! I’d love to hear from you through ClassDojo.

I am trying to find activities you might enjoy on the ‘Other Curricular Areas’ grid. If you have found anything that you think others might enjoy – please share your ideas on ClassDojo and I can put them on the grid.

Here’s a picture of my cat Mac – he’s a Bengal cross; his mother was a domestic black cat and father a true Bengal. They are very vocal! He also loves water and has been known to go for a swim in our local pond! He decided to sleep in the flowerpot yesterday even though he has a big fluffy dog bed inside the house!

Take care,

Mrs Johnston

27th April 2020

Hello P7!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful weather we are having.  It certainly makes going for walks more enjoyable.  I have heard via ClassDojo that quite a few of you are helping out at home, baking, staying active and even lambing.  I am so proud of you all in keeping that motivation going.  Well done!  It has been really lovely to hear from you, even a little hello has made my day.

You will now have seen a message on the home learning site saying we are using a ‘High Five’ theme to help you structure your home learning.  Please remember that this is only there to act as a guide, you do not have to use it if you don’t find it helpful.  Also, if you are doing other activities or are helping out at home remember this is important too.  You may feel like or are able to do lots on one day and on others none at all and this is perfectly ok.  I look forward to hearing from you on ClassDojo whenever you have a moment.  I may not reply straight away but I definitely will get back to you.

I made a birthday cake last week to celebrate my sons’ birthdays. It was very delicious!

Take care, be kind and most of all be happy.

Ms McDonald.

PS. I have been told quite a few people have been enjoying Lottie’s Diary so without further ado…

Lottie’s Lot  – Week 4

Dear Diary, 

I feel I am now beginning to settle into my change of routine.  I enjoy a walk in the morning before I get too hot (a black coat can be a tricky fashion item at this time of year).  When I return, I find a little COVID 19 update from the First Minister quite enjoyable.  I rather like to be up to date with current events, that way I can make sure that the Scottie dog at number 53 know exactly what he is supposed to be doing.  He is a lot of work I tell you.

I checked out the meteor shower the other evening after listening to Brian Cox on the TV with my owners.  Not sure what the fuss was about to be honest, I mean yes these shooting stars are caused when pieces of debris enter Earth’s atmosphere at speeds of around 43 miles per second – burning up and causing streaks of light but I’m sure when I chase my ball across the park I am way faster.

Last week it was one of my owners’ birthdays.  Well the cake looked delicious.  I stood for ages watching that cake in the oven ever hopeful my rather clumsy owner might trip when they took it out of the oven.  Alas it was not to be, and I was left to my dog food.  I’m sure if I can get on that Amazon my owner is always using, I could get a dog friendly cake delivered to the door. 

Right time to work out how to switch on that laptop….

Signed with hopeful improvements to my technical ability.


20th April 2020

Hola P7!

Hope you all enjoyed the Easter holidays.  Did you try any of the Easter Activities?  I spent a lot of time face timing all my friends and family during the break.  Hope you have managed to keep in touch with yours too.  The rest of the time I managed to eat quite a lot of Easter eggs so I feel that the Joe Wicks YouTube fitness videos will be on every day now for the next few weeks. 

Lottie has also been quite busy this last couple of weeks so here goes.

Lottie’s Lot  Week 3

Dear Diary, 

The humans have been sitting at the kitchen table a lot recently and for once they aren’t eating.  They stare at these small screens and their fingers move around really fast.  Every now and again they shout at me when I innocently walk past and pull a wire from the side of it.  How was I to know they hadn’t saved what they were working on?  I don’t have to save treats up, I eat them all at once, so what’s the problem?

I must tell you that I am rather annoyed with the Scottie dog who lives at number 53, he should know by now that a dog such as myself does not respond to shouting to get attention.  I shall consult with my media secretary on how to handle that one before sending him a firmly worded dog mail message.

I also went for rather a long walk the other day and passed through the gardens of the Crichton Trust.  A most beautiful pond lay in front of me but I got shouted back from the edge.  I only wanted to put a little toe in, I wouldn’t dream of getting soaking wet and looking for a pile of mud to roll in, honestly I wouldn’t. 

Signed with flair.


Take care and stay safe

Ms McDonald.

6th April 2020

Hi Primary 7,

A slightly different way to be starting our Easter holidays this year we know!  As you are not able to get out and about and do some of the usual things you would be doing in the holidays we have come up with some ideas to help keep you busy.  Please feel free to send some pictures to the school of things you have been trying.  It always makes those who see them smile and what better message could you be sending to someone this year!

Have a nice Easter, spend it with those you love, help out at home and have fun.

Ms McDonald and Mrs Johnston

30th March 2020

Hi P7!

I hope you are all well and getting to enjoy some time outdoors with your families. 

Lottie’s diary has begun. 

Lottie’s Lot  Day 1

Dear Diary, 

One is not impressed at all!  For some reason my owners have decided to give me a bath since they are at home.  I don’t know why because I only ran through a gigantic muddy puddle on my daily walk and then rolled in a large cow pat!!  The nerve of them, not only did they use a peach smelling shampoo they sprayed me with dog deodorant afterwards.  Disgusted, I have retreated to my bed.  Tomorrow better be about dog treats or someone is going to find a sock missing and it won’t come back in one piece.

Signed huffily  


Please tune in next week for some more Lottie. I have also included a picture of some flowers my boys bought me for Mother’s Day. 

As you can see I didn’t have a flower vase in the house but I did my recycling and made one out of an old diet coke bottle.  Thank you P7 and my Eco Warriors for this inspiration.  Here is a website link to some more ideas related to recycling projects.

CBeebies Recycling Ideas

Perhaps you could take photos of any recycling creations you have made. 

Speak to you all soon. 

Ms McDonald.

23rd March 2020

Hi P7! I hope you are all well.  

Whilst I am at home, I am planning to keep a diary, but I shall be doing it through the eyes of my Cocker Spaniel pup Lottie, who I am sure will find it very strange to have us at home. I am just thinking of the film ‘Secret Lives of Pets’ here!  I am now left wondering what Lottie’s day is really like and how I may be upsetting her plans to have her doggie friends round by being home!  Anyway, perhaps if you have a pet you’d like to do the same or you can, of course, write it from your point of view. We can compare notes when we are all back together.  

Until the Easter holidays I intend to link some of the home learning activities to our topic of WW2.  Click on the link below to see some interesting footage about WW2. After this we will move onto a new topic which is a country comparison.  Speak to you all soon.  

Ms McDonald

World War Two Clips

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