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Welcome to the Primary 6 Home Learning webpage.

It’s nearly time to move to Primary 7! Here is a message from your Primary 7 teachers, Ms McDonald and Mrs Johnston.

Hello new Primary 7s and P7 Parents/Carers,

What an honour it is for Mrs Johnston and I to be teaching you as you move into P7 at Wallace Hall Primary.  We are really looking forward to seeing you all in August at the start of the new term.

P7 is a very special year and despite the different circumstances we all find ourselves in, we are positive it will be full of friendship, fun and learning. 

Normally, at this time we would have a transition day or event with your new teachers in school, but Mrs Johnston and I will be joining your current Class Dojo group to say hello and are organising a Teams meeting to chat to you all in the last week of term.

For a transition activity, we would like you to fill in the “Coming back to school…” page. You can send it to us via ClassDojo or by email to the school office who will then send it on to us.  This will be for teachers only to see.  When we are back in August, we will have many more activities which will focus on building relationships and providing a fun positive start to your time in P7.

Mrs Johnston and I have included below some things about ourselves to help you get to know us.

Mrs Johnston

This is a picture of me when I graduated with my teaching degree in 1986. (I’m the one on the left if you hadn’t already worked that one out, the person on the right is my best friend.) I can honestly say, it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago!

Though teaching has been my life, there are other things I am passionate about! Other than my family, I have always loved animals, particularly cats. Mac and Tabitha are my current two cats and are spoiled rotten!

Growing up by the North East of England coast has given me a love of being near the sea and I adore walking along it, whatever the weather! It’s a great remedy when you want to clear your head.

I am looking forward to getting to know our new P7 class. It’s going to be exciting and knowing you all from last year – I know you are going to be brilliant P7s.

We look forward to receiving your completed Coming back to school activity and speaking with you all next week on teams (information on dates and times for this will be sent by the school soon).

Have a great week new P7s!

Ms McDonald and Mrs Johnston

29th June 2020

Hello P6, 

I cannot believe this is the last week of term and your last week as Primary 6! Not only have the past few weeks gone by so quickly, the whole year seems to have flown by. I have had the most amazing time the past year and have been so privileged to be your teacher. You are all wonderful individuals and I couldn’t have asked for a better class to end my time at Wallace Hall. Thank you for being amazing and giving me fantastic memories that I will treasure forever. I will miss you all very much and I hope you have a fantastic summer break!

As it is the last week of term, I have planned something fun for you all. We are going to become explorers! When I was younger, I used to love watching the Indiana Jones movies, and still do! I always loved the idea of being an archaeologist and exploring the world for treasures. I would look at different countries to visit and plan how I would make the journey there. This week you are all going to get the opportunity to do this. Have a go at some of the activities on the grid and show me your work on Class Dojo. What type of explorer will you become?

Grab your compass and your map Primary 6, we are going on an adventure!

Miss Robertson 

22 June 2020

Hello P6, 

It was so lovely to be able to speak to some of you over Teams Meetings last week, and I am looking forward to the next meetings. I can’t believe how long it had been since I had heard your voices, I think Mrs Renwick was impressed that I could still recognise them. Remember to get in touch through Class Dojo if you are having a little bit of trouble accessing Teams, I am more than happy to help.

I have been trying hard to improve my fitness over the last few weeks and have been looking for different ways to do this. Whilst looking out my back garden I had a thought, perhaps a crazy one at that! I have decided to challenge myself to climb this hill twice a week. Do you think I can do it? How long do you think it will take me to get to the top? I hope the cows don’t decide to follow me! Have you been creating challenges for yourself at home? If so, I would love to hear all about them.

My Challenge!

Have a super week.

Miss Robertson

15th June 2020

Hello Primary 6, 

I can’t believe it is the middle of June already, the weeks seem to be getting quicker and quicker! I hope you have all managed to get back into the swing of things after Health Week and back to the Home Learning Grids. Remember to make your day manageable and plan which activities you would like to complete each day. I know all of you will be trying your best and that is the most important thing!

The weather is still a bit indecisive at the moment, but I am continuing to go out for walks when I can. On one of my walks I went to a little hidden gem called Crichope Linn, which is in between Gatelawbridge and Cample. I was recommended to visit by a friend and it is absolutely breath-taking! Have any of you visited this place before? If you do decide to visit with your parents and have never been before, please be very careful as the edges are very steep. Do you have any suggestions of other places I could go for a walk?

Enjoy your week and continue to update me on Class Dojo with what you get up to! 

Miss Robertson

8th June 2020

Hello Primary 6, 

Well what an exciting week that was, taking the time to focus on our health! It was lovely to see the different things you did to celebrate Health Week and how much fun you were having. Remember looking after your health shouldn’t just be important for one week, it is something we should be taking care of all the time. Try your best to continue being mindful, healthy and active.

This week it’s back to the Home Learning Grids and I have planned some more fun activities for you to complete. Remember you can use the High 5 method to organise your day of learning or continue to use your own structure. Keep uploading pictures and/ or videos of your learning to your Class Dojo portfolio. If you are still unsure of how to do this, please get in contact and I will be more than happy to help. 

The weather has been a little unpredictable the past couple of days. When it’s not been the nicest outside, I have been keeping myself busy inside. I have been practising some baking and made these scones, I am quite impressed at how they turned out.

I finally got to see my nephew from a safe distance after 10 long weeks. He has grown so much and becoming very good at walking. Have you been able to safely visit any family or friends yet?

Continue to take care and stay safe,

Miss Robertson

1st June 2020

Hello Primary 6, The weather is warming up and I have been enjoying spending time outside. I feel so much more happier and energetic after getting some fresh air. I hope you are all managing to get outside and be active. I made some super easy fruit kebabs to enjoy in the sunshine.

Healthy fruit

This week is Health Week and we have lots of activities to keep you busy! Remember health isn’t just eating healthy and being active, it is also making sure we take care of our emotional well-being. I loved seeing all your acts of kindness and this is something you could continue this week. I decided to go a walk to the river to collect some stones and write some happy messages on them. Perhaps you would like to have a go, and you could even leave them somewhere for someone to find and brighten up their day! Do you like the ones I created with my mum?

Stone art

I am looking forward to seeing how you spend your Health Week, I’m sure you will have lots of fun! Remember to choose the activities which interest you and enjoy yourself. Keep uploading what you have been getting up to onto Class Dojo! 

Miss Robertson

25th May 2020

Hello Primary 6, 

How is everyone? I am continuing to enjoy seeing the work you are uploading to Class Dojo and seeing success in lots of different ways. It has been wonderful to read the letters that you have written to your buddies, you are all going to be fantastic in this role. If you would like to upload a picture of your letter, please feel welcome to do so.

The weather has been a bit here and there lately, so I am taking advantage of the sunshine when I can. I decided to take my workout outside last week and soak up some Vitamin D. I made sure I applied plenty of sun cream before I went outside and drank water during my workout. I have to say I felt so much better afterwards, and the view helped too.

Try to get outside as often as you can and get your source of Vitamin D, as this will keep your bones, teeth and muscles healthy! Remember to take care of yourself and others around you.

Miss Robertson

18th May 2020

Hello everyone! 

Another week past already, I can’t believe it! I hope you have all had another fantastic week of home learning and have learned something new. Remember the important thing is to try your best and have fun!

I’ve been having a think about some of the things I have been missing the most during Lockdown. I am missing my nephew, who has just turned one and has started walking. We FaceTime all the time! I am missing seeing you all in the classroom and having daily conversations with you. I am also missing going to the gym. Luckily, we had some old gym equipment lying around at home, so I have managed to create my own little home gym in our summerhouse. What are some of the things you have been missing?

This week I have included a task on the literacy grid that asks you to write a letter to your buddy. By this point, I will have shared who your buddy is with you on ClassDojo. If parents are not yet connected to Class Dojo, please contact the school office and they can help you with this. Class Dojo allows for direct contact and allows me to share any up-to-date news. In the meantime, I will ask the office to email the name of your child’s allocated buddy to you. 

Have a lovely week,

Miss Robertson

11th May 2020

Hello Primary 6!

How is everyone? I hope you have had another fun week of home learning and have enjoyed completing some of the tasks I have set for you. It’s fantastic to see more pictures and videos on Class Dojo showing me what you have all been up to!

We only have four sheep left to lamb on the farm. They are holding on but we think they will be here very soon. Whilst out doing the routine checks, I spotted a mother duck and her little ducklings. She had nine little ducklings altogether! The picture and video are not the clearest but I didn’t want to get too close and scare them.

Speaking of animals, I have been enjoying watching the live webcams at Edinburgh Zoo. It got me thinking what it would be like to have animals like these on the farm!

Take care, 

Miss Robertson 

4th May 2020

Hello Primary Six!

Welcome to another week of home learning! It’s great to see what you have all been getting up to through ClassDojo and the different things you have been learning. I have had a few High 5s already and some examples of how you have been using the ‘PARTY’ code. Remember this is optional and a different way of structuring your home learning may suit you better.

We only have a handful of sheep left to lamb on the farm. We are continuing to check the sheep and their lambs daily to make sure they are thriving well. This little fella needed a little bit of extra milk as his mum was a little bit poorly.

They are both doing very well now and that will be the last feed he needs from us. I decided to take a little selfie with him before he goes back to the field!

Remember to continue to stay active and help as much as you can at home. I am so proud of you all and continue to miss you lots!

Miss Robertson

27th April 2020

Hello Primary 6! 

I cannot believe another week has gone by already! I think keeping myself busy is passing the time much quicker. I hope you too have been filling up your days with lots of fun activities. I can already see from Class Dojo that you are doing many wonderful things at home – keep up the super work!

Although lambing is almost finished, we still need to go out and check the sheep. We want to make sure that all the lambs are healthy and we don’t have any sheep that have become stuck, as this can be very dangerous for them. We also need to feed the sheep everyday so they are producing enough milk to feed their lambs. They are always ready and waiting for their dinner.

Whilst out checking and feeding the sheep, I have been stopping occasionally to take in the spectacular views. I have definitely come to appreciate our beautiful countryside even more.

You will see each activity on the grids is coded with P, A, R, T or Y. This is to allow you to structure your learning by aiming to complete every letter each day. Remember if you don’t manage this every day then that is perfectly fine. High 5’s will be given all round for the excellent work you are completing at home! 

Primary 6’s PARTY code is as follows:

Practise a skill e.g. spelling rules, times tables.

Active time!  Choose an activity from the Health and Wellbeing Grid.

Reading!  Any way you like!  This can include taking a quiz on Accelerated Reading.

Top task – choose from the literacy and numeracy grids – these take a bit more time to complete.

Your choice – choose something which interests you! This could be from any of the grids.

Remember if you have any work you would like to share with me then upload this to Class Dojo.

Miss Robertson

20th April 2020

Hello Primary 6, 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter filled with fun and chocolate! I can’t wait to hear all about it. How lucky were we to have such lovely weather? 

I have created some more fun learning tasks for you to choose from. Remember these are just some suggestions and the main thing is to try your best. You may be coming up with your own activities at home and that’s super! 

We are almost finished with lambing on the farm. The fields are filled with lots of happy lambs and their bleating can be heard all around.

I found this great website that will help you practise your French skills and allow you to learn some new vocabulary. It can also be downloaded as an App if you have one of the supported devices.

Miss Robertson

6th April 2020

Hi Primary 6, 

I am missing you all very much! I hope you are learning lots of new and interesting things. I have suggested some activities to keep you busy over the Easter holidays. 

We have been very busy on the farm with lots of lambs springing up. They are having lots of fun in the fields with their mums. 

Some of the lambs or their mums have been poorly so have to be kept inside until they get better. 

Have a lovely Easter and try not to eat too much chocolate! 

Miss Robertson 

30th March 2020

Hello Primary Six, 

I hope you have had a fun week of learning and have enjoyed completing some of the tasks from last week. I have some more interesting activities for you to have a go at! 

Fingers crossed this beautiful weather continues. I have been out helping my dad on the farm whilst taking breaks from work. We have a few early lambs, but haven’t officially started yet. I will keep you updated when we get some more new arrivals.

We also have some newborn calves keeping us busy.

I know how much you all love the subject of science so I have linked the Glasgow Science Centre at Home for you. There have already been some pretty cool experiments that you can still watch. Perhaps you could find a simple and safe science experiment to carry out at home? 

Glasgow Science Centre

Remember to stay active and help out as much as you can at home! 

Miss Robertson

23rd March 2020

Hello Primary 6. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying this glorious sunshine. Have fun learning lots of new and interesting things with your family, I can’t wait to hear all about it. Make the most of the weather and remember to stay active. Find out more about the Victorians on the link below.

Miss Robertson 

The Victorians

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