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It’s nearly time for Primary 6! Here are two messages from your Primary 6 teachers, Mrs Renwick and Mr McNay.

Hello Everyone,

Most of you know me already but for those of you who don’t my name is Mrs Renwick.  Some of you will recognise me as one of this year’s Primary 4 teachers. I am really looking forward to being one of your Primary 6 teachers next year, I will teach you at the beginning of the week and Mr McNay will teach you at the end of the week (we will cross over in the middle). We have both been in school and are starting to organise our classroom for August. We have also been talking about plans for learning and we are looking forward to having a great year with you all.

I hope you are all well and managing to keep busy in these unusual times.  In my family we have been spending time in the garden and going on walks in our local area. I am looking forward to hearing what you have been up to during our class chat on Microsoft Teams next week (more details to follow).

Mr McNay and I have been added to your Class Dojo group and so if you have any questions about next year you can send us a message and we will get back to you.

In the meantime, we have planned a ‘Getting to Know You’ activity. We would like you to think about the following things and then display the information on the attached jigsaw piece. It is up to you where on the jigsaw piece you display the information and you can include illustrations – so get those creative hats on!

Information to display:

  • Your name
  • Create an image of yourself. (You can draw yourself or insert a photo or Bitmoji of yourself on to your piece of the puzzle.)
  • Your favourite hobbies
  • Activities you enjoy at school
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself

You can share your finished puzzle pieces with us on Class Dojo, we are looking forward to seeing them.

Enjoy your summer holiday when it comes and remember, try to stay active and look after yourselves.

Take Care

Mrs Renwick

Hi everyone,

My name is Mr McNay and I am a new teacher at Wallace Hall. I am really looking forward to teaching you all next year, alongside Mrs Renwick. We have already begun to work together to organise the classroom and plan the first part of the year.

For the past three years, I have worked as the Primary 7 teacher at Locharbriggs Primary in Dumfries. I am hoping you will all look after me and help me settle into life at Wallace Hall!

I hope you have been keeping busy during the past months. I am sure you will be looking forward to the summer holidays. When I have not been online teaching with my class, I have spent my time in the garden creating a flower bed and some pallet furniture. I have also been working on my golf game.

My main interests include anything sporty (especially golf, football, and bouldering just now), gaming, and spending time with friends and family. I am about to become a dad for the first time, so my wife and I are extremely excited!

You will see instructions for a “getting to know you” activity in Mrs Renwick’s letter. I am looking forward to seeing your finished work as this will tell me a little more about you before we finally meet. I am really looking forward to meeting you and working with you and your families soon.

See you soon!

Mr McNay

29th June 2020

Hi Primary 5,

Who can believe that this is the last week of term and your final week of home learning before the summer break? I can’t quite believe how quick the time has gone since we said goodbye to one another in March. 

This certainly is not how I had imagined we would be finishing our time together so this week I want you to plan a party! I have combined your learning grids for literacy and numeracy this week onto just one grid. It contains a mixture of both literacy and numeracy tasks to help you plan a party as we will not get a party together in class. I felt really sad knowing this was the last grid that I would create for you, so I wanted to make it fun. Some of you might even choose to have a party at home to celebrate the end of primary 5 and the start of the holidays! (Remember to ask your parents’ permission, I don’t want any of you to get into trouble!)

I spent some of last week enjoying some time with family that I have been unable to see due to lockdown. I am really glad that we are now allowed to sit in somebody else’s garden whilst social distancing, so I took a visit to see my sister and my nephew. Here is a photo of Logan and I. He was very excited to see me (although he doesn’t look it), and he is very good at reminding me to stay 2 metres apart!

Miss Marchbank and Logan

I really have had a fantastic year with you all, one of my highlights being our trip to Lockerbie Manor. I know that many of you enjoyed this experience too! Now, I hope you enjoy your last week of home learning and have a super summer break. I might even see some of you around the village!

A very sad goodbye,

Miss Marchbank

22 June 2020

Hello Primary 5,

We are now at the final hurdle before the summer holidays, only this week and next week to go. We can do it! This week I have added a theme to your literacy and numeracy grids. I know quite a few of you like Harry Potter so most of your activities relate to Harry Potter or Witches and Wizards. We are becoming magical for one week only! Remember to always try your best and do what you can. You do not need to complete all of the tasks. 

The weather wasn’t very great last week which meant I couldn’t get out as often as I like (I’m not a fan of the rain), but it did mean I had more time to spend cooking and baking. I have attached a photograph of another birthday cake I made for a family member. Some of you asked me about this during our Teams chat last week!

Birthday Cake

Remember to email the school office or contact me on ClassDojo if you are not sure or need some help.

Have a magical week.

Miss Marchbank

15th June 2020

Hello Primary 5,

Who can believe we only have three weeks left before the summer holidays start? I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone.

This week we have a focus on ‘flight’. Flight could mean anything you want it to and you will notice that your learning grids all have some activities relating to flight. Remember to try your best and use your imagination as much as you possibly can! I already have an idea of a story I am going to write about flight. I might post in on ClassDojo once it is done. The following link will take you to some videos relating to Space. I know some of you were exciting to watch the Space rocket launch a few weeks ago and the following link will allow you to look at other aspects of space from NASA. Enjoy.

I had a very busy week last week. It is sometimes very difficult to eat healthy when you are busy but I have continued to make healthy meals as much as I can because I love cooking. Last week I made some homemade pizzas, they were delicious!


It was fantastic to catch up with some of you on Teams last week. Hopefully, Miss Milligan and I will get to speak to more of you this week. If you are joining a Teams chat this week remember to bring two truths and one lie. Really think about the lie you are going to tell; we don’t want people to guess it really quickly! 

Have a great week.

Miss Marchbank

8th June 2020

Hello primary 5,

Did you all enjoy health week? I hope you enjoyed the learning grids and got to participate in lots of different physical activities as well as exploring some healthy foods. 

I took the opportunity last week to get out more within the local area. I don’t always appreciate how beautiful our area is and how many wonderful places we have on our doorstep. I did one of my favourite walks last week up to the viewpoint at Drumlanrig Castle. If you have never been up before, add it to your bucket list! Here is a picture that I took of the view from the top.

Drumlanrig Castle

Getting outside often is good for not just our physical health but our mental health too. The sun light also allows us to top up our vitamin D levels so try to get out as much as you can and with the supervision of an adult if you are out of your own garden. Remember to wear sun cream! 

Remember to keep sending updates on ClassDojo, it is great to hear from all of you.

Miss Marchbank

1st June 2020

Hello Primary 5,

We are now into week 11 of home learning! I don’t know about all of you but I am really missing being at school five days of the week. I have now gotten used to working from home, but it is very strange not seeing all of you most days. 

This week our home learning across the school is a little bit different. We have a whole school focus on health and wellbeing so although there are no individual learning grids for literacy and numeracy, there are lots of tasks on the health and wellbeing grid which will require you to use some of the skills you know from literacy and numeracy. 

I am going to post some healthy meal ideas on ClassDojo as the week progresses as I love cooking. I know lots of you have been cooking and baking at home so maybe you could send me some of the recipes you use too? I am also aiming to get out a bit more for my daily exercise, we are so lucky to have some beautiful areas to walk in Thornhill. I hope the weather continues to be warm as that will encourage me to explore different areas! 

As you all know I absolutely love baking and I have been spending some of my time at home baking. On Friday, the 22nd of May we had a family birthday. I am always the designated person to make a birthday cake in my house and this was the first I had made in a while! Some of you might know what ‘CWC’ stands for but all I know is that it is something to do with ninjas? Here is a couple of pictures of the cake. 

Have a great week

Miss Marchbank

25th May 2020

Hi everyone,

How are you all? I am so glad that the sun came back out last week as it meant I could spend some time outside. Have you been spending a lot of time outside?

Last week was mental health awareness week and the focus this year was on kindness. I hope some of you took the opportunity to participate in some random acts of kindness. It would be great to hear about some of the things you have done! This week we have a focus on Emotion Works. Have a think about the cogs and different situations you have used them to support yourself in tricky situations. This week you could maybe even teach somebody at home about how we use the Emotion Works cogs in school. 

There is a little bit of a challenge this week, we would like you to think about growing your own fruits and vegetables or plants. Which fruits and vegetables or plants do you think will grow the quickest? Here is a photo of the life cycle of a strawberry. Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits and are something I have grown in the past. 

As I know you all love experiments I have attached a link to an experiment I think you might like. This is one I have done before and it is very simple to do. If you try it at home you could send me some photos on ClassDojo and let me know how it went! 

How to make a lava lamp

Have a super week,

Miss Marchbank

18th May 2020

Hello everybody,

How are you all? I had another busy week last week creating new tasks for you to try, having virtual meetings with some of the other teachers and I got to enjoy some of the gorgeous weather we are continuing to get. 

We had some little visitors to our garden last week. Three baby birds appeared (we think the nest may have fallen off the roof). We had to be very careful that they didn’t get in our back door if we were outside but last Tuesday we had a bit of a mishap, one of the baby birds got into the house! Needless to say that brought a bit of excitement into the house but thankfully we managed to get it safely back outside to its Mum! I have included some pictures that I was able to take from a distance, can you guess which type of bird it could be? 

Have a great week,

Miss Marchbank

11th May 2020

Hello Primary 5.

How are you all? We have been so lucky that the weather has brightened up again and I hope you are all taking the opportunity to get outside as often as possible, I know I am! 

I have tried to mix up your tasks for this week a little as I know you enjoy learning in lots of different ways. Some of you have been using the ‘High 5’ approach to help with your learning but please remember this is just a suggested way of structuring your day and all of the tasks are just suggestions. There are lots of other ways we are all learning just now too. 

Last week I made the most of the weather and I was out in the garden as often as I could be, although I am not much of a gardener! This week I have included pictures of a rose plant that I received as a gift seven weeks ago. Normally the plant wouldn’t have survived the first week but I have ensured I have been nurturing the plant and it is now at the stage it needs repotted as it is growing out of its current pot. I will keep you updated on how the journey continues!

I am finding it very strange not being in the classroom with you all and I am missing the noise and excitement you all brought to the classroom. Speaking of noise, don’t forget to check out the latest accordion lesson! You can find it by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

Stay safe,

Miss Marchbank

4th May 2020

Hello Primary 5,

I hope you are all well and are continuing to enjoy your home learning experience. I can’t believe we are now into our fifth week of learning at home! Time really is flying by. I have been spending some time creating more tasks I think you will enjoy doing from home to support your learning.  Accordion Lessons from Mr Dickson are now being uploaded, please click on the link above to find them.

I really am enjoying hearing from you on ClassDojo and it is fantastic to receive pictures and information on some of the tasks you have been doing. Lots of you have been spending time in your gardens making the most of the great weather we have had (although we have now had some rain)! Some of you have been participating in other life skills such as cooking and helping clean the house which are great skills to be learning and I am sure your parents are appreciating all of the help.  

You will not be surprised to hear that I have been baking again! This week I have made some potato scones. My first attempt didn’t go very well, some of them were very thin and others were so thick they hadn’t cooked in the middle! I also added too much salt to the mix so they didn’t taste very great. I didn’t let my first attempt not going very well stop me and I tried again, this time they looked and tasted much better. I have attached a photo of them for you to see. If you want to make them at home here is a link to the recipe I used, If you ask nicely maybe your parents will help to make some! 

Have a great week,

Miss Marchbank

27th April 2020

Hello Primary 5!

I am hoping you have enjoyed your first week back after the Easter holidays and are now getting into the way of home learning again. You will notice this week that there are some changes to your learning grids. I have added a ‘high five’ with a letter in the middle, please see the key to the code above. I have also added some chillis to some of the tasks. You will find a key for this below which will explain what they are for. 

I have really enjoyed receiving pictures and updates of what you have been up to and would love to see more. If there is anything you have been doing, even things that are not on the learning grids, please send them to me on ClassDojo! Remember, if there is anything you need help with you can also send me some questions on Dojo too.

I have been baking again! This weeks bake was scones, something I haven’t made a lot of. I hope some of you are getting the opportunity to bake at home too! 

Have a great week,

Miss Marchbank

20th April 2020

Hello Primary 5

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break, although it was a slightly different holiday this year! The weather has been beautiful so I hope you all managed to get outside and enjoy it while staying safe. I have been able to get out walking. How lucky are we to live in such a beautiful place? My favourite place to go past is the river as I find the sound of the water peaceful. I have included a picture of the river I took during one of my walks to let you see.  

This week’s learning grids have got lots of activities for you to choose from and will support the skills you all already have. Remember to try as many of the activities as you can but you do not have to do all of them. I know lots of you will be doing lots of different activities at home that will support your learning. 

I have attached a link to Glasgow Science Centre who have created lots of online videos showcasing experiments. You have all shown a love for experiments when we have carried them out in class so I thought you might like to see some different experiments. Some of you might even try them at home! –

Have a fun week trying out some of the tasks on the learning grids.

Miss Marchbank

6th April 2020

Hello Primary 5!

I hope you enjoyed your second week of learning activities and had the opportunity to spend some time doing other fun tasks at home. It is now officially the Easter holidays and although they will be a little different this year I know you will still have lots of fun things you can do at home with your family. 

This week I have been busy creating some fun Easter holiday ideas for all of you as well as spending some of my week baking. I made some cupcakes for my household (I have given the recipe as one of the Easter ideas for you to try) and I also made some homemade sausage rolls. 

I hope you all enjoy the Easter break and have as much fun as possible. Hopefully the weather will stay as nice as it has been and you get outside for some fresh air. 

Miss Marchbank

30th March 2020

Hello and welcome to your second week of home learning. I hope you enjoyed the tasks from week 1 and tried your best. I know some of you will have been extremely busy at home and might not have got many of the tasks completed, but I hope you are still having fun. 

This week’s video is all about a farm and how some of the land is used on some farms. Have a think about our discussions around land use and how farms and farming are important in supporting all of us. 

Food and Farming

I know lots have you have taken on the challenge of creating rainbows and adding the words ‘stay safe’. It would be great to see some of your rainbows when we get back to school.

I hope you all have a good week.

Miss Marchbank and Miss Milligan

23rd March 2020

Welcome to week 1 of your Primary 5 home learning experience. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready to embrace our new way of learning. Try as many of the tasks as you can, trying your best at all times! Have a look at the ‘Panda Cam’ from Edinburgh Zoo. You might choose to tell a family member or a friend about what you see. I hope you all enjoy your first week of online learning.

Miss Marchbank

Edinburgh Zoo: Panda Cam

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