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Welcome to the Primary 2 Home Learning webpage.

It’s nearly time for Primary 3! Here is a message from your Primary 3 teacher, Mrs Young.

Dear Parent/Carer,

By now you will know that your child will be spending their Primary Three year in school with me.  I did feel that I had missed out on some of my time with them when school closed so I am delighted that we will all be able to make up for that now.

I like to think that I know your child very well already, but please take a little time to fill in the Transition Form just in case things have changed, or if there is anything new you would like to share with me.

Looking ahead to Primary 3 – questionnaire

I am very much looking forward to welcoming the children back to school in August. Together we can build on the relationships that already exist to ensure your child’s return to school and next academic year is a positive and successful one.

Mrs. Young

29th June 2020

We made it! It’s the very last week of term and then we can all take a big breath and relax because it’s the summer holidays! No more grids for you or me!

You will know by now that I will not be saying goodbye at the end of P2 because I am moving to P3 with you. I am so pleased because I really did feel I had missed out on teaching you the last term because of Lockdown.

However, it would still be lovely to have a little party to say goodbye to our year in P2. You will see that the seaside theme has continued this week and I thought it would be nice to end our year with a Beach Party/Picnic.

Look out for when your next class chat is via email. I am going to make them at lunchtime this week so that we can chat and eat our beach picnic lunch at the same time. Wear your shades, sunhat and lovely summery T-shirt and bring some goodies for a lunchtime picnic too. I look forward to hearing you all there. I can’t see you but if Mummy or Daddy could take a photo of you at the party and post it on ClassDojo, that would be lovely for me to see!

Bye for now


P.S. I have put a couple of links below in case you have time to make a beach party special!

Party Drinks


22nd June 2020

Hello Primary Two,

It was so lovely to chat to you all last week. I do miss hearing all your wee stories, jokes, laughs and giggles!

I hope you are all managing to keep going with your home learning till the end of term. Not long to go now! Just one more week after this one then it will be the summer holidays. Can you believe it?

All the teachers have started to go into school more often and are working hard to get your classrooms and learning ready for when we return to school in August. I am getting quite excited thinking about it and can’t wait till I can see all your happy, smiley faces together again.

Can I ask you all to take a minute or two this week to look back on your time in Primary Two and send me any thoughts, words, phrases or memories that come to mind via ClassDojo or email? I would really like to hear what Primary Two has been like for you!

Oh, Mrs. Young is getting all emotional just thinking about it!

You all get your thinking caps on now and have a busy and fabulous week!

Mrs. Young

P.S. I finally got round to finishing off that jigsaw! I am sharing some of my favourite doggy yoga poses. Please do not try this with your dog at home, or with any other pet!!!

15th June 2020

Hello Primary Two,

I have a confession to make…I haven’t finished that jigsaw yet! I had a very busy week last week and I just didn’t seem to get much of it done. I will need to crack on with it this week and show you the finished product next time!

I still tried to keep active though and I have included some photos of my recent discoveries down by the river.

Can any of you tell me what kind of baby bird is in one of my photos?

What about the other quite strange looking bird? Do you know what it is called? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw where it slept at night? Do you know where it goes at bedtime?

Lastly, I found a lovely stone creation sitting on a bench. How lovely for someone to create something and leave it behind for someone else to enjoy. Why don’t you try to do this sometime this week? It will make someone smile and that is always a good thing!

Mrs. Young

Mrs Young’s photographs

8th June 2020

Hello Primary Two,

Well done for all your efforts last week for Sports Day and Health Week! I hope you all had fun and feel a whole lot better after a week of being active, eating well and taking time to think about your own health and well-being.

I am continuing to jog about three times a week to keep up my fitness levels. I am pleased to say that Lucy now has the jogging bug and has decided to try the Couch To 5K too. Together we have just completed Week One. I am exhausted by the time I have done both jogs so I need to have a rest to recover in-between.

Sleeping is very important for our health. It gives our body time to rest, recover, grow and repair itself.  Getting enough sleep and trying to go to bed at a good time every night is so important, especially for little people who have lots of growing still to do!

Check out what I have been doing whilst resting this week. As usual I have made a little video so you can see me.

Mrs Young loves jigsaws

We are back to the Literacy and Numeracy Grids this week. I chose a space themed book because I figured there may have been some excitement about SpaceX’s rocket launch around last week!

Have a good week everyone.

Still missing you all lots and lots.


Mrs Young says hello

1st June 2020

Hello Primary Two,

I hope you have all been out and about in the glorious sunshine. Spending time outside is good for our health and wellbeing as long as we do it safely. Remember to protect yourselves from the sun using hats, sun cream and making sure we drink plenty of water. Did you know that there is a vitamin that you can get from being outside in the sunshine? See if you can find out what vitamin this is and message me on ClassDojo.

I promised last week to share some more ways that I look after my own health and wellbeing with you so…check out my new short video to see…

Video from Mrs Young

This week there are no separate literacy and numeracy grids. That’s because it is Wallace Hall Cluster Sports Day & Health Week 2020 instead. We can’t have a Sports Day like we usually do, so instead you have some fantastic grids that will help you have a whole family event and bags of fun too!

You can choose any of the activities in the grids and do them at a time that suits you. If you want your photos to be included in the school’s montage then don’t forget to email them into the school office. You can also send photos to Class Dojo to be shared with me!

Have a fun filled, healthy and sporty week. I will be cheering you all on from Burnhead!

Ready, Steady, Go Primary Two!!

25th May 2020

Hello Primary Two,
How are you all today? I wonder…did you try out any of the acts of kindness from last week? Were you kind to yourselves and others?
Lucy and I baked a big sticky toffee pudding and shared it with two of our neighbours. They were delighted! The next day there was a homemade loaf on our doorstep and the day after that six eggs! Look what happens when you show a little kindness to others
I also want to share with you some of the ways I am trying to be kind to myself. I thought I would show you one each week. Firstly, I have been spending some time drawing with Lucy. Ms. McDonald, Lucy’s teacher, has been sharing some of her drawings with her class. She told me about Mark Kistler who gives online drawing lessons, so I tried them out. I have made a little video to share some of them with you.
Drawing makes me happy. Why don’t you try it too? Here is another link to some drawing lessons you could try. The superhero bear looks fun and I know some of you will enjoy Sonic the hedgehog too!
Looking after our mental health means doing things that make us happy and becoming more aware of the way we are feeling. Look carefully at the Extra Curricular grid this week. Miss Milligan has designed an activity that uses Emotion Works. Do you remember the cogs we used in class? Try out her task with these in mind.

I hope you have a great week and remember to look after your mind as well as your body!
Mrs. Young

18th May 2020

Hi Primary Two,

I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for another week of home learning. Remember to check out the Home page of the Wallace Hall Primary Learning site as well.

I loved Mrs. Meredith’s poem in Bluebell Wood last week. I have my own Bluebell Wood so this week I am sharing a photo of it with you, along with some animals I met on my walk.  I find that if I wait patiently and stand still and use my eyes well, I can see so much more of the wildlife around me. It’s almost like the animals are used to me doing my walk every day and are coming to say hello now.

Lucy has really enjoyed watching the calves with their mothers, they love to watch us too! It was Lucy who caught the rabbit on camera standing on its back legs nibbling the flower. Our next mission is to be quick enough to take a photo of a squirrel and a mouse. We have spotted them but boy they move quickly!!! Too quick for me anyway!

Well, have a good week, stay safe and be kind to yourselves and others.

Mrs. Young

11th May 2020

Hi Primary Two,

I hope you are all keeping well and are busy finding things to do at home, outside and from the learning grids that I am making up every week for you. It was great to see some of your reading, spelling, writing, measuring, estimating, adding and much more last week. There were even some very lucky teddies having a lovely ride in a shoe box cable car.

You can decide to go back and choose tasks from previous grids if you didn’t get time to complete them the first time around.  Remember it’s all about fitting in what you can, when you can, if you can. Fun has to be the main factor too!

Well, I am still going for my daily walk, usually with Lucy accompanying me. We have been using things that we have found naturally to make artwork down by the river. We collected pebbles, cones and fallen flowers to make pictures and patterns. I have taken some photos to show you. Maybe you could try some too on your next walk or even in your garden.

I showed Lucy some artwork by Andy Goldsworthy, an artist, who lives near Thornhill. You may know about him already. Look at the link below if you can. It will give you some ideas for your own work. I really like his ice sculptures but it’s not quite the right season for those just now.

Have a great week everyone.


4th May 2020

Hi Everyone,

It’s been another busy week in my house.  Lucy has been baking a lot in the kitchen.  This week banoffee pie was on the menu.  It was delicious!  I didn’t get to eat much of it though because it is Oliver’s favourite and he tucked in until there was none left.

My neighbour grows rhubarb so when she kindly left some on my doorstep Lucy decided to make a rhubarb crumble.  Mr.Young’s favourite this time, but I did get some more of the crumble because Oliver is not so keen on rhubarb.

There is a problem though … all this eating isn’t good for my waistline so I have had to keep jogging and walking all week to burn off the calories!

On my walks I have been noticing something strange going on.  I decided to take some photographs to show you.  What do you think is going on down at Friar’s Carse?  Maybe you could let me know what you think on ClassDojo.

I have made some new grids to help you with your learning at home.  Remember to do your best and use the PARTY High 5 to help you decide what you can fit in.

I am missing each and every one of you but hearing about what you are doing at home, seeing your photos and hearing you in videos makes me really happy.

Remember to be kind to everyone at home, help out and stay safe.

Have a great week!

Mrs Young

27th April 2020

Hello again everyone!

How are you all?  Happy and well, I hope.

Have you been outside making the most of this lovely weather we are having? I have! I have washed all the windows, weeded the garden and sorted out the shed and garage whilst it’s been dry. Mr. Young has been painting the outside of our house too.

I have enjoyed getting out on my bike and walking too. You all know my favourite thing to do, can you remember?

That’s right! I like to sit on my patio in the sunshine with a nice cup of tea and some peace and quiet! Peace and quiet is not always possible now that Lucy and Oliver are at home all the time though!

I hope you are enjoying the learning tasks that I send to you every week. I am trying to think up activities you will enjoy. Now that we have our own Class Dojo please share some of your learning with me. I would love to see what you get up to when learning at home with your family. If it helps you, use the High 5 to plan your learning for each day.

Here is the link to the book that the Friendly Dragon wrote about in his letter to us all. If it doesn’t work just copy and paste into your browser. Then it should work for you.

What a lovely surprise to hear from the Friendly Dragon. I am so glad all is well in FairyLand too.

Well have a lovely week and remember that’s one more week closer to us all being together again soon.

Take care, stay safe.

Bye for now,

Mrs. Young

20th April 2020

Hello again everyone!

I do hope you have all had a lovely Easter holiday, even if it was very different to the usual break at this time of year.  The hardest part for me was not being able to share Easter fun with the rest of my family who live in Wales and England.  We had lots of phone calls and face timing to make up for it though! I did have lots of fun with Lucy and Oliver and the Easter Bunny still visited! Lucy and I made a delicious chocolate cake and made Easter egg hunts for each other inside and outside. I hope you are managing to eat your chocolate a little at a time, make it last!

Well I have been busy thinking about some more learning tasks for you all this week. Remember, do what you can, add your own challenges if you wish, and most importantly have fun as you complete them!

I was also thinking about our last topic that was cut short because we had to close the school for a while. Do you remember we were looking at ‘Our Senses’?

We got as far as our sense of sight and sense of hearing.  Here is a website you could use if you would like to explore your other three senses, taste, smell and touch.

Click on ‘Find Lessons’ >  Select Topics>   Living Things>  Our Senses > Taste and Smell  >  Touch

Keep busy, keep active and keep safe,

Bye for now,

Mrs. Young

6th April 2020

Hello everybody!

I hope you are all doing well.  I am missing each and every one of you very much.  Fortunately I have a lot to keep me busy at home and I have been busy thinking of things to do with Lucy at Easter so I thought I would share them with you too.  Remember you don’t have to do everything, you can choose the ones you have time for.

I hope you remembered to put your clocks forward an hour.  What a difference it has made. It is much lighter at night for later now so you can play in your garden for longer.  I went for a walk again today down by the river and I saw so many signs that Spring has sprung and Easter is nearly here.

Look at the host of golden daffodils, shame about the big weed hiding in them. Can you spot me?

Look what I found in my garden. Can you spot Lucy’s cuddly Easter bunnies?

Next door’s hen came to say hello.  Maybe she will lay some eggs for our egg decorating competition!

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Easter.

Bye for now

Mrs. Young

30th March 2020

Hello Primary Two!

I hope you have been busy at home with your families this last week.  Remember to help around the house when you can and stay safe.

Did you see all that sunshine that I sent to you all?  I hope you all got in to the garden or out for a cycle or walk in the fresh air! Check out my walk with Lucy and Oliver yesterday down by the River Nith. They chose to cycle instead.

Did anyone spot a panda on the web cam last week? Every time I looked there wasn’t a panda in sight but when Lucy was working by my computer she spotted them out and about. Hope you did too, if not keep looking, they are adorable!

Enjoy this week’s tasks and I am hoping some of you will become top bakers so that on our return to school I will have homemade snacks delivered to me by all of you!!

 The link below made me laugh!  Sorry parents and carers, hope it makes you laugh too and explains a few things.

Mrs Young

23rd March 2020

Hello Primary Two!

I hope you are all well today, I have been thinking of you all over the weekend.  Here are some tasks to keep you busy and healthy and hopefully you will have fun completing them too!

I have ordered some sunshine for you all and it should be arriving very soon.   You might even be able to take your learning outside today with a bit of luck.

If you have time take a look at what the animals are getting up to at Edinburgh zoo. 

Edinburgh Zoo Panda Cam

Mrs Young

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