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Welcome to the Primary 1 Home Learning webpage.

It’s nearly time to move to Primary 2! Here are two messages from your Primary 2 teachers, Miss Lyttle and Mr McNay.

Hello Primary 1!

My name is Miss Lyttle and I will be your teacher after the summer when you move into Primary 2. I am very excited to meet you all. I have been busy in the classroom making sure everything is ready for when you start back after the holidays.

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I have a little girl who is 9 years old and goes to Moniaive Primary School. I have a pet chimpanzee as well as 2 little dogs called Ivy and Mavis. Mavis can be very naughty sometimes and recently had to have an operation to remove a whole corn cob from her stomach! Here are some pictures of them. Mavis is the black one and Ivy is the brown one. That’s my wee girl holding her.

One last thing… I have a confession to make. One of the facts I have told you about myself is false. Can you guess which one?

I would be delighted if you would write back to me and tell me something about yourself. It can be something about your hobbies or your family or your favourite book or anything at all. Please tell me one true fact and one false fact and I’ll see if I can guess which one is which!  Please send a photo of your letter to Miss Purves on ClassDojo.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Have a wonderful summer,


Miss Lyttle

Hi everyone,

My name is Mr McNay and I am a new teacher at Wallace Hall. I am really looking forward to teaching you all next year, alongside Miss Lyttle. We have already begun to work together to organise the classroom and plan the first part of the year.

For the past three years, I have worked as the Primary 7 teacher at Locharbriggs Primary in Dumfries. I am hoping you will all look after me and help me settle into life at Wallace Hall!

I hope you have been keeping busy during the past months. I am sure you will be looking forward to the summer holidays. When I have not been online teaching with my class, I have spent my time in the garden creating a flower bed and some pallet furniture. I have also been working on my golf game.

My main interests include anything sporty (especially golf, football, and bouldering just now), gaming, and spending time with friends and family. I am about to become a dad for the first time, so my wife and I are extremely excited!

Here are some facts about me:

  • I used to work at the hospital
  • I have played for a professional sports team
  • I have only ever lived in two different houses

Two of the facts are true and one is false!  Can you guess which one is false?
I am really looking forward to meeting you and working with you and your families soon

See you soon!

Mr McNay

29th June 2020

Hi Primary 1

Wow, it doesn’t seem that long ago since you first walked into the classroom on your very first day of Primary school. We had fruit, doughnuts and I think some cookies to start the day off. It was a great day and there were no tears. You are all so brave.

Now I hope you all have a lovely break over the summer, spend lots of time outside and probably grow a few inches taller. You will all be nearly as tall as me soon!

You have all been fabulous this year and I have had so much fun teaching all of you. I can’t wait to see how you learn and grow in P2.

See you soon!

From your very proud teacher

22 June 2020

Hi boys and girls,

Ever since I was a little girl my very favourite animal has always been a bear. When I was your age, I used to collect china bears and teddy bears. Whenever someone in my family went away somewhere, they would try to find me one of these and I have still got them all now.  They are boxed up safely for my children to have someday. I have bears from all over the world but the ones that mean the most are one that my Granny and Papa bought for me when we went away caravanning in the North of England, and one that my Dad brought me back from Ireland when he had to go away for work.

This weeks learning is all about a bear, a fabulous cuddly bear who becomes part of a family in London. His name is Paddington and I love him very much.

To celebrate that it is nearly the end of the year and this weeks learning about bears, I thought it might be nice for people to have a teddy bears picnic with their families. It could be in your lounge, in your garden, anywhere you wish! If you would like to send your pictures of your teddy bears picnic into me on dojo, I can then put them altogether to make a keepsake of Primary 1 for you all. It will be like a class photo and I will pop it on the class page for everyone to download. There is absolutely no obligation to do this though, just an idea for one lunchtime.

Have a lovely week

Ms Purves

15th June 2020

(Picture courtesy of New Road Nursery)

Calling all superheroes!

Join Supertato and The Food Avengers. Save Tescos from the Evil Pea. This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Supertato has heard that P1 and P7 are the dream team buddies. He needs you! This week, you have a series of challenges to solve. If you succeed, the Evil Pea will be defeated, Tesco’s will be restored, and the world’s supply of ketchup will be saved.

Each day try to complete one of the challenges on the superhero grid. Any photos that you send to your class teacher on Dojo which do not have your face in, we will share with your buddy if you so wish. Each day, we will give you an update on how the situation with Supertato and The Food Avengers is progressing.

Good luck my fellow superheroes!

Ms Purves tells us a story

8th June 2020

Hi Primary 1,

We did a class vote this week and you decided that you would like the seaside to be our theme of the week! I love the seaside, so this has made me very happy. When I was at university, I lived in Devon in a little beach town called Exmouth. Ever since then, it has been one of my favourite things!

At the beach

One of my friends lives by the beach. She has been enjoying taking her children to the beach and they have been digging giant holes and sending me lots of pictures and videos and doing lots of video calls when they are there. I think they are trying to make me jealous, but I pretend that I am relaxing on the beach too.

Ms Purves

Winnie the Witch

1st June 2020

Hi girls and boys,

This week is all about staying healthy. When we talk about staying healthy, everyone always thinks of doing lots of exercise and eating fruit and vegetables. These things are very, very important, but there are lots of other things we can do at the same time to make us into superhero healthy people! This reminds me of a book we read back in October called Superpotato!

These are some of the different types of health. I wonder what things you will do this week to stay healthy and what type of health it will be.

One of the things I like to do to stay healthy is to read. When I read, it is almost like I am meditating. I find that all my worries float away. Not only does this help my feelings, but it also helps me to sleep better as I always read just before I go to sleep. When I get a good nights sleep, I always feel really good the next day.

Here are some pictures of me staying healthy when I was little. I think I definitely have always loved my sleep (my mum might disagree) and loved helping in the kitchen, making lots of dinners with my mum and dad!

I cannot wait to see what you guys get up to. You can still pop any pictures on dojo to me or if you would like other boys and girls to see them on the school Facebook site, then send them to the office as well.

Have fun!

Miss Purves

25th May 2020

Hi everyone,

So last week it was National Bee Day and I decided to paint some bumble bees on Wednesday night to celebrate (this was them halfway through). I have also been super busy making a beautiful weaving to go on my wall. It has sparkly bits and I am part way through sewing lots of flowers onto it. I think it will definitely go with my pink sofa when I am finished.

Now I have seen so many wonderful pictures of you all riding your bikes and I even had a message telling me that somebody rode 5 miles the other day! So, Miss Purves dusted off her bike, got her helmet on and set off. I rode 8 miles without any disasters which is rather impressive considering I usually end up crashing into a hedge… I kid you not!

Note to parents: as I mentioned last week, as both the literacy and maths were project work, they are being carried over to this week. I have popped an extra literacy challenge below just in case and if anyone needs any extra maths work, just let me know and I can put some on ClassDojo.

Have a lovely week.

Miss Purves

18th May 2020

Hi everyone,

This week is story week! Primary 1 love to write stories and this often results in them becoming completely absorbed in the task at hand. Due to the amount of time and how engrossed they become, when we do this at school it tends to take over the timetable for the whole week but the results and proud smiles from their happy faces are always worth it. The following week is usually followed by lots of maths activities to counterbalance it.

The literacy grid this week is therefore this week’s and next week’s literacy, however I have uploaded the maths as well so you can decide how to break it up so it best suits your family and situation. It may be that doing part of the literacy and maths this week and part of it next week works best for you, it may be that doing the literacy this week and then the maths next week works best for you. I don’t mind at all, but as it is a project, I did want to provide a few different options for you.

Now as with any Primary 1 project, of course there is a treat at the end. Any stories which are sent to me by the 1st of June will have a film made of a surprise guest reading your story to you. The video will appear in your own personal portfolio so you can listen to it at bedtime. You will also receive a certificate for all the amazing learning you have done! All of the stories will also get to be displayed in the school library for all the boys and girls to read.

So without further ado… it’s time to put your story capes on because you are now authors!!!

11th May 2020

Hi everyone!

This week I’ve been doing lots of cooking in the evenings. I’ve made yummy cranberry and orange baked bars, Jamaican soup, and spicy lime and thyme lamb steaks (I will have to get my dad to put them on the BBQ when I see him. He is the king of BBQs!).

Lots of you will have seen videos of Miss Purves working hard in the garden on dojo, because now I have somewhere to sit out there! This is very exciting because up until now I’ve been sitting on the grass. Now I like sitting on grass however there is a slight problem with this in my garden… the grass isn’t real! It’s all prickly and spiky too so I am very, very happy that I now have somewhere comfy to sit in the sunshine when I’m looking at all of the fabulous videos and pictures that you’re sending me. I also have plenty of lovely yellow things in my garden that I can look at. My mum keeps telling me when we video call that dandelions aren’t flowers and that they need to be pulled up, but they do add a nice sunny yellowness to the garden. 😊

Keep up all the amazing learning you are doing!

Miss Purves

4th May 2020

Hi everyone,

Well you know how Miss Purves is very clumsy, this week I seem to have been even clumsier!  I decided to have a wee dance session in my lounge the other day to the Trolls sound track and I managed to crash into the light that hangs down from my ceiling!  It’s ok, I’ve survived and I kept dancing away!

This week you’ve got a bit of a project to do in literacy all about tigers which I know all of you love.  I can just imagine you all now and I’m thinking that you will get so into writing about tigers that your mummy and daddy won’t be able to tear you away, just like when you wrote your stories with me a few weeks ago.

See you soon!

Miss Purves

27th April 2020

Hello everyone,

Lots of you have loved how Augustus has a butterfly on his nose on the front cover of the book and guess what… I do too!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Miss McDonald from P7 has lots of caterpillars at home at the moment. Does anyone know what caterpillars grow into? Butterflies! They’re in a special tub at the moment with lots of magic caterpillar food. The food looks pretty yucky but the caterpillars seem to like it. They’ve grown lots already!

Mrs McDonald has sent me some pictures to share with you so you can see how they have grown already. The first picture is from when they arrived last week and the other ones are from this week. She’s going to record when the butterflies are ready to be released into the wild for us so we can all experience it. Maybe they’ll find Augustus!

Have a lovely week and look out for tigers!

Miss Purves

Message for parents: I’ve put a copy of the spider diagram below that the boys and girls usually create with me. I shared it on ClassDojo last week and will be adding more ideas to it as I get them. These are for them to complete during independent learning time just like they do in class.

20th April 2020

Hi everyone,

I read a very interesting book this week about how lots of very important people like the Queen start every day the exact same way and they say it makes them feel happy and calm, and ready to start their day! I thought about that for quite a while and have started doing the same thing. Every morning I do a little bit of reading, a bit of exercise (at the moment I like doing some yoga and Thai chi) and doing our core practice (when you put the froggy or another toy on your tummy and focus on how your breathing makes it move up and down). It puts a great big smile on my face and makes me feel very, very happy! I wonder what things you could do in the morning to make you feel happy and smiley each day.

This Term’s Topic

This term Primary 1 are going to be using a book called Augustus And His Smile as the context for our learning. Lots of you may have seen it in the classroom and some of you might even have it at home as it was in a Book Bug bag a few years ago. It has one of my favourite animals in it (a tiger) and he goes on a big adventure. We’ll have to see what happens. This week I don’t want anyone to read the story. We will be reading it next week, but for this week, we will be practicing our predicting skills! I’ve popped some pictures on the class page and these are all you will need for this weeks tasks. Each week we will progress a little further and go a little deeper with the story!

6th April 2020

Hello Primary One!

Hello everyone!  

It’s nearly Easter! I know that some of the things you usually do at Easter time you might not be able to do this year so I thought I’d share a few of the things that I usually do. You might want to try some of the traditions that I have been doing since I was a little girl! There’s some sewing, pom poms (I know how much you all love pom poms!) and even a pretty cool cake! I’ll probably still be eating my delicious birthday cake then but I can never say no to a spot of baking. 

For my birthday I got a book called 365 days of creativity by Lorna Scobie. Each day it gives you a challenge to complete. Yesterday I had to make a picture showing what you might be able to see through a door… any door! I thought of one of my favourite books, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and imagined what it would look like to see in to the secret garden. I’ve popped the picture that I drew below for you to have a look at. 

Mum’s and Dad’s, Lorna Scobie is also posting a different art challenge for people to try each day on her Instagram account: LornaScobie

When you are looking at the Easter ideas I’ve shared, if you press or click on the pictures, it will take you straight to the corresponding websites. Enjoy! 

30th March 2020

Hello Primary One!

I’ve been reading a lot these past few days and stumbled across this fabulous book in my collection.

It’s one of my favourites! It’s got dinosaurs, birthday cake (very relevant since on Wednesday it’s my birthday) and poop! If you have it at home, then dig it out and have a good read. I’ve also seen a few videos of people reading it on the internet so a grown up might be able to track one down for you to watch. There’s lots of learning this week on dinosaurs for you. You never know, you might find a dinosaur if you go out for a walk for your daily exercise!

Miss Purves’s favourite musician of the week is Alexis Ffrench. He plays beautiful piano music that is lovely and relaxing.

Note for parents/carers:  Some of the activities this week have got mild, spicy, hot and sizzling chilli challenge on them.  The children have used this technique a few times with me before to choose which level of challenge they think is most appropriate for them. Sometimes they start on one challenge to gain a bit of confidence and then move onto another.  When we do chilli challenges in class, they are not expected to complete them all, it is about them setting themselves a challenge to develop, learn and grow.

Miss Purves

23rd March 2020

Hello Primary 1!

Today you can visit the National Gallery in London from your house! If you click on this link, you will be able to take a tour of the museum. I wonder who could make their own fabulous artwork? Remember Miss Purves’s only rules for art: you can use anything to make art and anything can be art! Have fun making your own beautiful galleries! 😁

Miss Purves

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