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29 June 2020

Well boys and girls it is the final week of 2019/20, it has been a quick one! We have enjoyed every moment with you and hope that you all enjoy our final grid which has a summer holiday theme. The ladies have taken the time to show you what they are going to be getting up to this summer, we can still enjoy our time off even if we don’t go away on holiday.

Mrs Smith loves going to the beach but instead enjoys bringing the beach to her own back garden. Mrs Smith and her children made their own beach in a tray using sand and shells. They had great fun making it wet and using a stick to draw and write in the sand. They even gather some stones to spell things out with too. 

Miss McGinley is going to be helping out on the farm with Finlay who loves spending his days there, they take great care of the animals and it is a fantastic way to keep busy.

Miss Weir really enjoys going walks with her dog and often goes to visit the duck pond, the ducks love the visit too with the tasty snacks which they get. There is lots to do at the duck pond, including having a picnic and there are even some exercise machines. 

We hope you enjoy and if you don’t do anything else make sure you have fun!

See you soon.

Wallace Hall ELC Team 🙂

22 June 2020

Hi Everyone, 

The ladies have been into the Nursery this week and have started to get the room ready for you to come back. We have been busy moving furniture around and giving everything a good clean. We really can’t wait to see you! We had a spare minute, so we decided to go to the gym hall for a boogie to one of our favourite Sticky Kids Song. We hope you enjoy our dancing! Who do you think is the best? 

Now, this week is going to be extra special… It’s our ‘Virtual Trip’ and we are going to the Farm. 🙂  

This week’s activities in the grid are all farming themed. Remember, please keep sending us photographs of things that ‘Ewe’ have been up to. Also, keep an eye on the Dojo to see what the ladies are mooooooing! It is going to be baaaarilliant!

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s There?”

“Cows go.”

“Cows go who?”

“No silly. Cows go moo.”

Have a ‘quacking’ week!


15th June 2020

Hi boys and girls,

How are you this week? It looks like everyone has been very busy. The ladies are really enjoying taking part in the activities from the grid each week too, we love sharing what we have been up to. We hope you enjoy it too … keep your eyes peeled for some videos this week of familiar faces 🙂 

Mrs Marchbank loved joining Joe Wick’s for his morning PE session, I think you will all agree that she is doing a fantastic job!

Miss Weir enjoyed a game of snakes and ladders with Alisha and guess what … Miss Weir even managed to win a game! It is a lovely way to finish your day.

Mrs Smith and her children enjoyed making paper aeroplanes and flying them in the garden. Jorja’s plane went 7 “feet”, Clark’s went 10 “feet” and Mrs Smith’s went a whopping 18 “feet”. 

Miss McGinley spent some time outside splashing in her new homemade water trays with Finlay, look at all of the things they have added to make it more exciting, can anyone see what colour the water has turned? 

I hope you enjoy this week’s activities and we can’t wait to see what fun you are having. Speak to you all soon 🙂 

WH ELC Team. 

8th June 2020

Hi everyone,

Wow! What a busy week it has been, it was lovely to get outside and complete some of the health and wellbeing activities from the grid. The team at Wallace Hall ELC had great fun taking part in last week’s activities and feel so much better after some healthy food and exercise. How did you feel after taking part? Here are some of the things we got up to …

Mrs Marchbank and Miss McGinley made their own obstacle courses to wake them up first thing in the morning. It looks like they had great fun!

Mrs Smith spent some time in the garden practising sports day races with her children, here they are doing some stretching ready to begin. 

Mrs Smith and her children keeping healthy

Miss Weir had a go at some Cosmic Kids’ Yoga which she has been missing doing with you all. She also had a little helper to make some homemade healthy pizza for lunch, it was delicious! 

Keep adding photos to your portfolio on ClassDojo of what you have been up to and if you sent any photos to the school office keep your eyes peeled for the health and wellbeing week whole school montage. You might see some familiar faces.

See you soon,

Wallace Hall ELC Team

1st June 2020

Hi Boys and Girls,

Hope you are all well and making the most of the dry weather we have been having in our part of the word.  I love seeing all the things you have been up to at home.  Keep on sending me your pictures through Class Dojo they really brighten up my day.

Safe -This week my children and I went for a walk along a country road at the back of our house.  We collected some wild flowers and plants and used them to make collage pictures. Always ask an adult if it is safe and responsible to pick flowers in the countryside.

Next week all WH activities will be Health and Sports day related, watch out for our new school grid packed full of activities for you to try.

Healthy – Have a go at making tasty Pizza using dough or wraps. We also enjoy a smoothie on a regular basis in our house.  It’s a great way to use up older fruit.

Achieving – We are big fans of all things messy so we had a go at making our own paint.  We did it outside so we didn’t have to worry about the mess! As you can see you can paint stones or walls outside as well as use it on paper.  When the rain came it just washed away.

Nurtured – Mrs Smith needs to do some work at home just now. If people in your house are busy why not read story to your siblings or look at book yourself. Stories are a great way to keep busy and interested. Re-tell the story to someone else later on….

Active – We also enjoyed trying star jumps from the ELC learning grid this week.  Can you see us jumping high?

Respected – While I was typing this I was informed there is a SHANARRI song that my children sing at their school.  Warning-it sticks in your head!  https://www.christian.org.uk/resource/sing-a-long-songs-for-rights-of-the-child/

Responsible – We have a fish called Lime in our house.  We have to make sure he is fed every day and he has fresh water in his tank.  Don’t worry our fish at Nursery are kindly being looked after by the staff in school at the minute.

Included – We made postcards this week and sent them to our Gran (who doesn’t have the internet) She loved receiving them and gave us a phone call to say thanks.  Have you phoned anyone you miss lately to say Hello?

Remember SHANARRI, Can you SHANARRI in your house? Show me your SHANARRI!

Stay safe, love from Mrs Smith

25th May 2020

Hi everyone,

It’s Miss McGinley here and I have been keeping busy this week by following some activities from the learning grids. I used the salt dough recipe to make a keepsake to remember our family time during Lockdown 2020. Have you made yours yet? Remember to use lots of flour on your work surface to stop it sticking! Here are some photos to show you how I made mine. ✋👍✋

When I have been out my walk, I have been using my ‘looking eyes’ to look for different shapes. 🔴⬛ Circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. Can you name the different shapes that are in my video?? You might even recognise some places from around the village!

Take care, be safe and be kind.

Wallace Hall ELC

18th May 2020

Hi everyone,

You have all been so busy and it has been lovely for the team to see what you’ve all been up to through your portfolios on ClassDojo, they’re filling up nicely. A warm welcome to all of the children who have just joined us, we hope it won’t be long until we see you in person but in the meantime enjoy some of our fun activities which can be found in the grid below.

Watch the video below to see Miss Weir reading you a story this week. We all know how much you enjoy listening to a story so pop those voices in your pocket and turn your listening ears on, but most importantly relax and enjoy!

Wallace Hall ELC Team

11th May 2020

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all at home keeping safe and remembering your suntan lotion for this lovely weather we’ve been having. I look forward to hearing all about what you are doing this week. Mrs Marchbank has been working with some children out in the school garden making a vegetable plot and growing some flowers. We have to remember to water them everyday. I can’t wait to get you all involved once nursery is back. 

I also go out on my walk in the morning to wake me up and I listen and look at the different birds I can see. The other morning I spotted a grey squirrel running up a tree. 

Keep the pictures and videos coming of all the things you are enjoying doing just now.
Speak soon,

Mrs Marchbank

4th May 2020

Hi boys and girls,

Another week spent at home! I have been busy with my own children doing lots of activities. On Monday we managed to sit out in the garden and reuse our old milk cartons as bird feeders. We’re just waiting for the bird seed to be delivered then we will hang them outside. 

Next we did a nursery favourite, ice eggs and balloons and had great fun using tools to free the toys inside.

Finally we were busy in the kitchen making a batch of scones and we tried Jamie Oliver’s flatbread for the first time using some chives we had been growing in the garden. 

We hope you are all staying safe – remember it saves lives.

Mrs Smith

27th April 2020

Hi everyone,

We hope you are all keeping safe and well and are enjoying spending quality time with family. We are looking forward to seeing videos and photographs of things that you have been doing during this time at home.

Miss McGinley has been enjoying time in her garden, making it look pretty with lots of new flowers and plants. 🌷 Finlay, has been watering them every night to make sure they are healthy.

She has also been going for a daily walk to see the lambs and watching them play and jump around in the field. ☀️🐑

You can see our smiley, happy faces in the photos above, we’re sending you all a virtual high 5! We are missing you all so much so please remember to send us some photographs so we can see your happy, smiley faces too.

Take care,

Wallace Hall ELC Team

20th April 2020

Hello Boys and Girls 

We hope you’ve had a lovely Easter holiday with your family and managed to keep yourself busy.  What lovely weather we’ve had!  Did anyone manage to spot the Easter bunny?  He’s so fast.  The ladies are missing seeing your little happy faces so have had to try extra hard to keep themselves busy too.  Miss Weir has been doing a little bit of planting in the good weather, it was tricky without your help.

She also made some Easter egg nests from the Easter activities posted at the start of the holidays, they did not last long.

Now the holidays are over it’s time to get busy busy again and have even more fun. See below this week’s home learning grid and choose which ones you’d like to have a go at. We hope to be able to hear from you all soon to see what you have been up to. Keep smiling and enjoy!

Wallace Hall ELC Team

6th April 2020

30th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you have been trying out some of the ideas from our learning grids.

Please see some more ideas below for the coming week.

The weather has been kind to us over the past week so remember to take some time outdoors in your garden to enjoy some activities or take a walk. Try to keep 2 metres apart if you are out and about.

Here is a daffodil in full bloom in the ELC garden.

Have fun!

From all the team at WHELC.

23rd March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers and all the boys and girls at WHELC,
We hope you had a lovely weekend spending some time in the sunshine. Please find your learning grid below with some ideas for activities to keep you busy throughout the week. There will be a new grid on the school website under the ELC tab every Monday to help you take part in creative ideas and activities with your family while we all stay safe at home.

We hope you all have lots of fun.

From all the team at Wallace Hall Early Learning and Childcare

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